The Hundred Dresses

Title: The Hundred Dresses

Author: Eleanor Estes

Illustrated: Louis Slobodkin


I first read this book a few years ago as a project for a class I was taking.  I had to do a read aloud (which this is where you read this to a group of children) and I also had to do a book review on it as well.  This is wonderful story about a little girl named Wanda.  She lives way up in the hills and has no friends at school.  However, there is something about Wanda that appears to be different to others and therefore is picked on by the other children.  She wore the same little blue dress to school everyday.  The dress had seen its day; however, it was her dress and her favorite.  She told a lie to her school friends to be accepted about having one hundred dresses.  No one at school believes her and she continues to tell them she does in fact have one hundred dresses at home in all different colors and materials. One day her Father writes a note to school informing them Wanda will not be returning along with her brother.  It is a mystery to everyone as to why Wanda is no longer there.  I am going to stop right there and leave the rest a mystery to you as well.  Please take a moment and enjoy a great read.





Young at Heart Readers

Hello everyone!  I thought I would take time and share a section with my ultimate obsession of reading children’s novels.  I am an Education Major and I have read so many wonderful books written for young readers and I thought I would blog about my recommendations.  I do however; read books that are appropriate for my reading level and enjoyment.  I ultimately love reading children’s novels to inspire their love for reading.  Please enjoy my reviews and pick up a children’s novel.  Bring the inner child back in yourself.  

Have fun,