What’s in a Message?!?!

old-phoneSCENARIO#1:   Ring … Ring … Ring … Ring … Hi, can’t get to the phone right now, please leave a message after the beep … Beeeeeeeeeeeep (Whoever was calling hung up)


SCENARIO #2:  Ring … Ring … Ring … Ring … Hi, this is ______, leave a message after the beep … Beeeeeeeeeeeeep (“Hey it’s me, call me back”)


SCENARIO #3:   Ring … Ring … Ring … Ring … This is  ______, leave a message and I will get back to when I can … Beeeeeeeeeep (“Hey, its ______, so I was calling because  … and I I remembered … so it got me thinking … and then maybe later …”)  This message timed out and they call back (“sorry, its _____ again, I didn’t get to finish my message.  I was thinking … and if you want to … so when you get the message … and if I am not home …”)


I have this wonderful theory that I seem to live by and its not for everyone and may really bother those who I call; however, I am just a simple person and like to make things easy.  When I call someone, whether it be family or friends, I don’t always leave a message.  It is a rare occasion that you get a message from me.  My reasoning behind this theory is “If it is important then I will leave a message and if I am just calling to say HI, no message is left.”  I feel that everyone leads important lives and their lives can get rather busy and I know it is nice to hear from someone if it is just a “Hello;” however, I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t have caller ID and they can see I called.  If they would like to call me back at their convience, I am okay with that.  


telefonMy theory when someone is calling me works in a similar fashion.  If someone is calling me and I know who it is, I will answer the phone if I am available.  If someone is calling me with an unknown phone number or a number I don’t recognize, I don’t answer it, they will get my voicemail.  If the reason they are calling me is important, then they will leave a message and if it isn’t they will just hang up.  I am not bothered either way!  


Now, I can’t imagine what you are all thinking about my phone theory and I’m sure its not a normal method of message leaving or phone answering.  What I do know is that everyone has some kind of theory on how and why you leave a message and how and why you answer the phone.  So lets hear it!  I can honestly tell you I have heard it all about my phone methods, but I want to know what your phone methods are, what are your pet peeves, etc.  


I know this is something completely off the wall and bizarre.  And most would say that it doesn’t matter how you leave a message or why you leave a message etc.  I am just curious because I get picked on a lot by some friends as to why I don’t leave messages.  So please, add your two cents.




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