You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!

horseIn reality, as a person, we can only do so much to help our friends or family (other then pray for them).  Sometimes it gets to that point when the things they say or the things they do  just break your heart in two.  Financially you can’t help them out because we are struggling too.  But a few solutions that have come to mind and suggested that to a friend or family member are not only great solution but maybe a promising turn around.  

The problem that continues to not resolve any part of their situation is, they refuse, don’t go, or simply are ashamed/embarrassed to do any of those suggestions for fear they may be stooping to level that is simply not who they are.  Today, lets be honest, we are in a recession.  We are suffering and struggling to make ends meet.  We should be proud of who we are and thankful for everything we have.  If something is available or opportunity arrises, don’t hesitate.  Think of it as a stepping stone that will help you on your way, a true blessing.  So as many times as I have taken that initiative to help friends out, we can’t make them do something or anything for that matter.  But I believe in the end, without taking up offers being given to you, friends and family members are just hurting themselves and not helping themselves out.  


How far have you gone to help a friend or a family member out, but everytime you do, they just won’t go for it?  Let me know your thoughts.




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