How do you validate your friendship?

spaceballspaceball2spaceball2spaceball2I was leaving my sisters house to head on home.  When I got in the car I called my Hubby to let him know I was on my way home.  He was telling me a story that happened earlier that night with a friend.  And in that conversation my conclusion question was “How do you validate your friendship?”  Everyone has at least one person that they would call a friend.  So, lay it out on the table.  What little or big thing, for that matter, do you do to show your sincerity to that one friend?  Is it calling them once a week to see how they are doing, taking them out to lunch once in a while, sending them a card in the mail, which one is it?  Maybe you don’t need to do anything to show your friend that you cherish their friendship, its just the simple fact that you care.  


With previous friendships of mine, I have been through the ups and downs of friendships.  I have been burned by a friend for simply caring too much.  I have learned to let go and move on because, really, life is so short and friends come and go.  Then there are those friends how stick around because they care and you know that they care.  But there was never a validation set in place to ensure that I have a friend, I just always know that if I need someone to talk to, they are a phone call away.  It is nice to send cards, make phone calls, or go out to lunch, that is how a friendship grows.  But without all of that you still know you have a friend.  So the questions remains to everyone out there, how do you validate your friendship?


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  1. Hi Baby, Just wanted to stop by and say how awesome your blogs are. Great Job

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