Financial Peace or Financial Disaster?

Since before Christmas and maybe since before Thanksgiving my church has been talking about Dave Ramsey and how our Pastor was going to be interviewing him about “financial peace.”  Right now, we are living the financial disaster and I know for sure I don’t want to stay that way.  We need to get out of this rutt we are stuck in.  I have to admit, I am not one to talk or discuss money it is one of those things that just triggers anger and frustration.  However; I was really excited about this one.  I have seen and listened to Dave Ramsey before on his show on Fox 5 Business Network and on his Radio show.  This guy is amazing, hilarious, and very real.  Last night at church was the first service that kicked off our four week series of financial peace.  I really feel that his enthusiasm, tips, small term goals, and financial advice can truly help out in any given financial situation.  He really gears it to your income and has baby steps, small goals, to reach before financial peace.  Like he said (I am paraphrasing here), “it isn’t going to turn around in a day or even a week.  This is something that is going to take effort, self motivation, and a melting point.”  What he means by a melting point is, there is going to be a point where you tired of living the way you are living and you are going to finally say enough is enough.  It really has to be that point of enough.  


So here is what I suggest, check this guy out, read one of his books, watch or listen to one of his shows.  He is absolutely amazing.  He is a Christ follower and he knows how to really turn or financial situations around if you open your heart and allow some guidance in your life.  


Here is one of his official websites where you can read more information:


On this website you can also check to see where classes are being held in your area, type in your zip code and find a local church or place that his financial peace study course is taking place.  I know it will help you out tremendously whether you are living paycheck to paycheck or just living under tight circumstances, or even if you monies and you just don’t know where it is going.


I hope that you all enjoy this amazing guy.  He is a god’s way of giving a helping out to those suffering in the economic recession.  I pray that many will soon enjoy financial peace and not financial disaster.


In Him,



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